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Realizing A Performing Team for Organization (RAPTOR)

The program is meant for a team which is still in the Storming phase according to the Team Development Model by B.W. Tuckman. The program objectives is to bring the team a step further in adapting and accepting the roles of each individual that contributes as a TEAM.

The program objectives includes:

  • Contribute and support the company’s vision effectively.
  • Lead effectively by achieving commitment, support and participation from team.
  • To make permanent the paradigm shift through behavioral imprint.
  • Inculcate the spirit of sensitivity towards Quality, Cost and Delivery to meet customer’s Expectation.
  • Manage uncertainties effectively and able to move the team forward.
  • Play more positive roles by understanding and supporting new strategies – policies, plan introduced by the organization.

CATEGORY: Team Building

ACTIVITIES: Indoor and Outdoor

5th April 2018