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High Impact Team (HIT)

In today’s fast changing workplace; increased competition, technology changes, customer demands for higher quality and the need to produce more with less, all present a challenge. Companies are facing pressures to continuously upgrade their employee’s skills in order to keep pace with the modern business environment. These pressures are felt by the worker who need practical  skills to deal with a workforce which expects to be a great team players.

As a team players , they will be faced with a variety of challenges results of , not themselves, but  with their workgroup. They need to understand the commercial responsibility which to be carried out by the team. his requires them to harness their skills in dealing with their workgroup to achieve the organizational goals.

This program is designed to get an ineffective team experiencing distrust, poor interpersonal skills, personality conflicts, pride, politics, or lack of accountability to openly address dysfunctional behaviors and achieve consensus commitments that serve as the foundation for building a cohesive HIGH IMPACT TEAM.


CATEGORY: Team Building

ACTIVITIES: Indoor and Outdoor