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Systematic Technique for Effective Problem Solving (7QC Tools)

The outcome of the program is to transform the respective mindset, practices and skills to the desired level that assist personnel to achieve their desired quality services and quality improvement initiatives. To ensure the program achieve it’s target, a set of problem solving’s or innovation
management tools and techniques will be anchored during the training.

At the end of this program, the participants would be able to:

  • Have a Quality Mindset and to be ready to face the Globalization Challenge
  • Be ready for Change and to instill Innovative Mindset
  • Apply the problem solving techniques by using QC and Innovation Tools
  • Effectively perform brainstorming and root cause analysis process
  • Initiate measure to verify the action plan effectiveness and recommend solutions for current problems

CATEGORIES : Technical

ACTIVITIES : Indoor, Workshop

12th April 2018