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Negotiation and Conflict Management

Conflict management is about limiting the negative aspects of conflict and increasing the positive aspects of conflict. We should not attempt to eliminate all conflicts or avoiding conflict because conflict can indeed add value to groups or organisations. Conflict management involves designing effective macro-level strategies to minimise the dysfunctions of conflict and enhance the constructive functions of conflict. Properly managed, conflict may increase learning through increasing the degree to which groups ask questions and challenge the status quo. When conflicts have reached beyond a tolerable level, there should be measures to control or curb them through effective conflict resolution or negotiation methods.

Upon completing this course, participants will …

1.Feel more confident in their interaction and in cultivating relationships at all levels recognising the different types of conflict situations.

2.Be able to handle conflict situations involving even the most difficult people.

3.Be able to focus on organisational interests rather than individual, resolving issues by synthesizing them analytically, establishing criteria, and generating options.

4.Be more prepared for negotiation when the need arises by identifying key stakeholders, analyzing their positions, interests, and sources of leverage.

5.Be able to mediate and implement structured dispute resolution through effective negotiation.


CATEGORIES : Human Resource