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ISO 9001, 14000 Awareness and Implementation

ISO 14001

The outcome of the program is to transform the respective mindset, practices and skills to the desired level that assist personnel to achieve their desired Environmental Management Systems  initiatives.

To ensure the program achieve it’s target, EMS ISO 14001   tools and techniques will be anchored during the training.

  • To share to participants the importance of environmental awareness
  • To highlight the importance of the standard ISO 14001:2004 and its applicability to the company
  • To identify the impact of the company business to environment and future business
  • To gain commitment and support from all staff to support EMS 14001:2004 and environmental performance for the organization
  • To formulate the effective approach of maintaining EMS Management System

ISO 9001

  1. Understanding the comparison of the ISO structure
  2. Understanding and identify the additional elements in the updated version of ISO 9001
  3. The necessity of the new element and the usage towards the company
  4. Reassess the implementation of ISO in the company
  5. Chart action plan for improvement

CATEGORIES : Technical

ACTIVITIES : Indoor, Workshop

12th April 2018

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