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Interviewing Skills

Course Introduction

Accurate employee selection decisions have never been more vital to organizational success. Advances in technology and changes in organizational structure and responsibilities have increased the demand for high-quality job applicants who, if hired, will grow into productive contributors to organizational success. This demand, when combined with a competitive job market and significant legal compliance requirements, means that hiring processes and decisions are increasingly complex and challenging.

Targeted Selection® incorporates the following concepts with the training necessary to apply them:

  • Focus on job-related behavior.
  • Use past behavior to predict future behavior.
  • Assess both job fit and organization fit motivation.
  • Organize selection elements into a comprehensive system.
  • Apply effective interviewing skills and techniques.
  • Use data integration to make the best hiring decision.
  • Make a positive impression on applicants; sell them on the job and the organization.

Thus, this course will help your interviewers to:

  • Build interviewing skills and confidence.
  • Use the interview guide to prepare for and conduct an effective interview while making a positive impression on candidates to increase job acceptance rates.
  • Gather and evaluate data on a candidate’s entire profile: experience, knowledge, competencies, and motivations.
  • Make hiring decisions using candidate data evaluation and integration to hire successful candidates who are willing and able to perform the job.

CATEGORIES : Human Resource

ACTIVITIES : Indoor, Practical