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Finance for Non-Finance

In todays’ competitive business environment, organisations have real need for thinking executives i.e. those who are always aligned with the organisation’s strategic direction and constantly finding ways how they could perform better towards making organisations that are sustainably growing.

This two-day Finance for Non-Financial Professionals program for executives has a specific intent to make the candidates understand more of their roles and how their works relate to the organisation’s bottom line. They will also get to know how certain financial decisions or results in their unit have their effects on the overall performance of their department or even at their company level.

Content of the course includes selected aspects of finance from a non-financial specialist perspective. Specific topics include: financial statements; business analysis; cash operating cycle (cash flow & liquidity); costing; investment appraisals; and the quality of the annual reports. An experienced facilitator will conduct this program who will ensure that the class will be interactive and interesting for all.

At the end of the session, the participants shall be able to:-

  1. Recognise the goals of financial management
  2. Understand key financial and accounting concepts and principles
  3. Know the inter-relationship of the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement and perform ratio analysis to test their strengths
  4. Appreciate the importance of management of liquidity – positive cash flow, credit management and working capital management
  5.  Participate in capital budgeting discussion that leads to investment decision
  6. Take an appropriate stance in regard to the use or abuse of financial information