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Developing Leadership Pipeline – Talent Management

Most organisations subscribe to the statement ‘RIGHT people is our greatest asset’. Creating a successful business involves capitalizing on right talented  people. It may be achieved by Strategic Talent Management approach.

The Strategic Talent Management processes involve :

  1. Talent Identification (Inviting Talent)
  2. Talent Competency Identification
  3. Talent Assessment ( Evaluating Talent)
  4. Talent Development ( Developing Talent)
  5. Talent Placement (Retaining Talent)

This program shares the integrated approaches, practical processes, tools and templates which could be implemented in the organisation after the session.

The training program is carried out with the objectives :

  1. To share  talent management approaches  meeting the organisational needs and strategies
  2. To align the Talent Management Strategies with other HR processes
  3. To propose structured initiatives in developing talents
  4. To align this program with other HR initiatives & enhancing its effectiveness
  5. To provide practical templates in implementing the strategies
  6. To promote internal expertise in developing talents towards learning organisation

CATEGORIES : Human Resource

ACTIVITIES : Consulting