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Coaching and Mentoring

An organisation’s success today relies upon the talents of its people. Studies show that high work satisfaction and fulfillment are strongly correlated to how the manager or leader relates to key employees. Employees often leave an organization because of issues they have with their leader. This Coaching and Mentoring 2-day program develops the coaching and mentoring capacity of a leader and provides the tools necessary to engage employees in a dialogue regarding four pertinent issues: What is my passion? What is my potential? What is my purpose? What is my path?

Coaching and Mentoring helps executives and leaders bring out the natural strengths of their key talent. While attracting talent is key, the best long-term strategy is to engage the talent you already have. This program includes role plays and exercises with the presence of a certified coach/master trainer. This will provide the leaders greater confidence when they coach or mentor their own staff at workplace.


CATEGORIES : Human Resource

ACTIVITIES : Indoor, Practical