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CHIT Chat – Corporate Honesty Integrity Talk

Integrity occurs all the time, be it internally with co-workers and with outsiders, i.e. more so with customers. Driven by their personal gain and also driven by other factors such as monetary rewards, differences and different aspirations, parties will more often will drift away from practicing the correct work of ethics. As such, it is important that the person in charge be equipped with the requisite knowledge and skill to handle such a delicate situation which can spell do-or-die for the company in seeking a deal with a client.

This 1.5 day seminar has been designed to embed all the necessary contents from an experienced trainer who has had many ‘hands-on’ experiences dealing with human ethical values. He will be able to move participants from where they are to where they should be in carrying out their related and critical tasks that contribute to the well being of the organisation.