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Business Communication

Introduction – Why Business Communication?

This 2-day Business Communications skills training aims to introduce the participants the basic principles of verbal and writing  communication, equipping them to communicate more effectively and with greater awareness and skill in both personal and business environments. It is designed to help participants to heighten their awareness of the function and value of communication. The approach taken using multitude of exercises, simulations, role plays and case studies will create a long lasting appreciation and ability to use the communication  skills required in verbal communication (meetings, group discussions, and public speaking) and in written communication  writing proposals, emails and general correspondences).

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

1. Identify key elements and principles of communication
2. Demonstrate understanding of the communication process
3. Describe their own communication strengths and growth areas
4. Demonstrate ability to prepare and present a short oral presentation
5. Describe and practice key listening skills
6. Prepare a clear and informative piece of written communication
7. Identify common communication problems that may be holding them back
8. Develop skills in asking questions that give them information that is needed (giving and receiving feedback)
9. Develop skills in listening actively and empathetically to others
10. Learn how to firmly stand the ground and make their feelings heard/noted
11. Enhance their ability to handle difficult situations without being manipulated


CATEGORIES : Human Resource

ACTIVITIES : Indoor, Practical