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Business Acumen

The main desired outcome of the program is to equip the participants to understand the business and competitive environment, and recognize the drivers that lead to improving performance. This program will expose participants to the essential skills that need to be acquired and mastered to make a person a superior leader with immense contribution to the company’s well being. Upon acquiring the requisite skills, he will have superior capabilities that make him a valuable asset to the organization. He will also adopt a holistic perspective and understands the inter-relationships of issues that impact the business in the long-term.

At the end of this program, participants would be able to:

1.Understand the need to have integrated and cross-functional discipline that enables him to drive the company to compete and win

2.Understand the importance of possessing enterprise-wide business knowledge and company’s performance metrics

3.Ability to turn valued prospects into clients/customers and drive win-win proposition that brings in sustainable growth

4.Become active participant in shaping organisation’s learning agenda and in meeting stakeholders’ interest